Through our conversations with a variety of legal professionals and their clients, we are often asked the following questions pertaining to Certified Legal Nurse Consultants® (CLNC).

How is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant® different than a nurse?
A certified legal nurse consultant (CLNC) is specially trained to consult with attorneys on medical-related issues. They have expertise to quickly identify and interpret medical and nursing issues in any legal matter involving health, illness, injury and often times operational understandings of the medial industry. A CLNC can be valuable to a case by playing a key role in both screening and litigating medical malpractice cases, product liability cases, or personal injury cases just to name a few.  A CLNC can add real value to a medical case team.

Why do attorneys seek the services of a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant®?
Attorneys and their teams have to utilize their time and resources efficiently. They need medical analysis and review in a timely manner. Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC) can screen cases for merit; identify other possible causes of injuries; identify Standard of Care deviations; develop chronologies, time lines, and life care plans; attend independent medical exams; identify and prepare expert witnesses; and many more services which allow lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants to do other important legal preparation.

How can a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant® enhance the delivery of legal services?
Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC) remove the strain and time constraints of extensive medical research because they bring specialized healthcare education and clinical experience to the healthcare and medically related issues of the litigation process. Their education and experience distinguishes them from paralegals and legal assistants by their ability to examine, recognize and interpret all relevant healthcare and medical related information in a claim or case. Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are collaborators and strategists, offering support in healthcare and medically related litigation and other medical-legal matters to aid in numerous aspects of a legal case.

Why use a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant® when I can use a doctor?
A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC) can save you money since their rates are usually significantly less than a physician provider’s hourly fee. The CLNC can interpret and analyze the medical issues in the records and assist you in finding the appropriate physician provider to be a testifying expert witness for medical cases involving physicians.

What is the difference between a consultant expert and a testifying expert?
A consultant is not expected to testify but consults with the attorney, other legal team members and their clients behind the scenes to help the attorney prepare and develop a case. The consultant expert’s work product is generally not discoverable and treated like the attorney’s work product. A testifying expert is expected to testify at the deposition or trial and their work product is generally discoverable. The consultant can review and analyze all aspects of a variety of cases while a testifying expert is limited to areas of their professional expertise.


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